7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Newborn Session

Newborn Photography | Olympia WA

I get it... Newborn photography can feel unnecessary or excessive in the midst of EVERYTHING you have to prep, buy, and child proof. However, just like a wedding day - this is a once in a lifetime moment! No matter how many children you have, meeting them for the first time is incredible.

I never had a newborn session with my daughter and I regret it so much! That brief, precious time is full of so much love and they grow up faster than you'd ever imagine. Having a professional document those first moments is an incredible and beautiful way to

1. They change so quickly.

Within the first few weeks of life, your little one will lose that true "newborn look" and start growing faster than you can believe! If you can, it's awesome to document those first few days. They are so tiny!

2. You can dress them in cute things and no one will judge you.

Bunny hats, piggy tails, crocheted pea pods, come on... Before you know it, they will be refusing to wear anything but sweat pant! Dress 'em up and let me take photos of them before you have to use bribery to get them to cooperate.

3. You will take thousands of photos of your baby, but how many will have you in them?

Many mothers are reluctant to have photos of themselves taken just after pregnancy, but I always recommend getting a few. This time flies by so quickly! Like I always say, photos of you aren't just for you. They are for the people who love you, and they don't care if you haven't dropped your baby weight yet.... of course you haven't!

If you don't want certain "parts" photographed - that's totally up to you! Even photos from behind or of just your arms holding your new baby can preserve the amazing feelings of those first few days together.

4. I capture it all! Good, bad, cute, messy, whatever!

When looking back on my newborn sessions you not only remember how tiny and beautiful they were, but also how cranky and hungry they were! I love getting a few photos of REAL LIFE with a new baby. The crying, the feeding, the burping, the changing, the "new parent team work" you have developed with your partner - it's all here now, and it flies by SO FAST. Life with a new baby isn't all sleepy snuggly bundles of quiet joy - I like to document your real life with your baby. I want you to be able to look back and remember what it was really like.

5. Your family is brimming with love and joy. I like to call it "new baby vibes", but the energy of a newborn session is just magical. Whether it's just you and your baby, the baby's older siblings, fur babies, or the whole dang family - When a newborn is around, everyone is in love. These moments are so special. I always recommend getting your session in before the new baby vibes wear off, the exhaustion sets in, and the older siblings are wishing to be only children again!

6. Things Happen

There isn't a nice way to say this, but one of the reasons I feel so strongly about documenting the love in your life is because I almost died. It may sound morbid and terrible, but you never know how important those images will be if you lose someone later. I won't go into detail, but I'm not just talking about SIDS. It's not fun to think about, but having images that truly show the emotion and unconditional love you have for your child could be an incredible comfort for them if anything ever happened to you, and for you if anything were to ever happen to them.

Not only that - I had a mother thank me for convincing her to get pictures while breast feeding, because shortly after our session, their breast feeding journey abruptly ended. She was not able to breast feed more than a few days, and the pictures I gave her showed a bond between mom and baby that was a once in a lifetime thing for them. That moment was immortalized for her even though she never got a chance to capture it herself.

7. You can relax - Make me come to you!

Some people prefer wrapped up, posed babies in baskets in a studio (I love them too!), but for me, it's all about real life, being real comfortable, and making it real easy on you. I will come to your hospital, birth center, or home so you can relax and have everything you or baby could need. (travel fees apply over 30 miles)

Did you have a newborn session? Would you do it again?

PRO TIP: Set up your newborn session before the baby comes! Once baby is here you will be busy and TIRED! The best time for one of these sessions is within the first few days after birth and trust me, you won't feel like taking the time to find, research, and hire a photographer once you get home with your little one.

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